overnment for the continued support to the countr▓y's health sector."We thank you the people and government of China for this donation and w▓e believe that our cooperation and support to our children and women of Sou
th Sudan will ▓go further," Kumba said.Chinese Ambassador t▓o South Sudan He Xiangdong said the donat▓ion symbolizes Beijing's commitment to help the development of the world's y▓oungest nation.He pledged China's un▓relenting efforts to support the co▓ nflict-hit E
ast African nati on in strengthening the fight against diseases, malnutrition, and h▓unger."China will do more to help our friends h▓ere in South Sudan especially the children and women," the Chinese envoy s aid.China is
among the first countri es which supported South Sudan materially and diplomatically since its in▓dependence from Sudan in July 2011.Please scan the ▓QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to▓ follow us on Wecha

tNearly 1.4 mln children at i▓mminent risk of death as famine looms: UNICEFNearly 1.4▓ mln children at imminent risk of death as famine loo▓ms: UNICEFNearly 1.4

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ren," UNICEF Executive Direct▓or Anthony Lake said in a press release. "We can still save many lives. T

he severe malnutrition and looming famine are largely man-made.""Our common humanity demands faster ac

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tion," Lake said. "We must not repeat the tragedy of the 2011 famine in the Hor▓n of Africa."In northea

st Nigeria, the number of children with severe acute malnutrition is e▓xpected to reach 450,000 this ye

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ar in the conflict-affected states of Adama▓wa, Borno and Yobi.Fews Net, the fa▓mine early warning sys

tem that monitors food insecurity, said late last year that famine likely occurred in some previously

mln children at

▓inaccessible areas of Borno states, and that it is likely ongoing, and will continue, in other areas which remain beyond humanit

imminent risk of death as fa

mine looms: UNICEF02-22-2017 0

arian reach.In S▓omalia, drought cond

7:10 BJTAlmost 1.4 milli

itions are threaten▓ing an already fragile po

on children are at immin

pulation battered by decades of conflict. Almost half the popu

ent risk of death

lation, ▓or 6.2 million people, are facing acute food insecurity an▓d in need of humanitarian assistance.Some 185,000 children are

from severe acute maln

utrition this year, as

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expected to suffe▓r from severe acute malnutrition this year, howe▓ver this figure is expected to rise to 270,000 in th

s in Nigeria, Somalia, Sou

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e next few months.In South Sudan, a country r▓eeling from conflict, poverty and insecurity, more than 270,000 children ar

, the UN Children's Fund (UN

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e severely mal▓nourished. Famine has just recently been declared in parts of Unity State in the northern centra▓l part

on Tues

of the country, where 20,000 children live. The total n

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